Why is Tennis Club Marketing different?

We are the only company that provides hands-off marketing specifically designed for tennis clubs. Our expert marketers, led by award-winning marketer and author Michael Volkin, are passionate about tennis. We understand the frustrations that owners and members experience.

From a business perspective, we have experience building tennis companies and clinics.

We are a powerful team made up of:

  • inbound marketers
  • lead generators
  • conversion specialists
  • copywriters
  • tech gurus and much more

Every person on our team serves a specific purpose to help your facility. To get that many different skill sets at an expert level involved with your facility would cost tens of thousands of dollars a month. But, with our unique system, it costs a fraction of that amount.

What if I am on the Satellite Plan and want pieces of another plan, can I do that?

Yes! You can add services from other packages at any time. We’ll work with you to build a program that makes the most sense for your facility. Simply contact us if you would like to add a feature from another plan onto your current plan.

Will I have a dedicated account rep?

Yes, each club has one main point of contact that will work closely with you.

How will you get to know my area? Each area is different.

We live in the wonderful world of data! Enough data is available at the local level where we can accurately market to any of your potential customers.

Where are your headquarters based?

in Northern California about an hour north of San Francisco in a city called Santa Rosa.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

No. You have the option to choose a month-to-month or yearly plan. It’s completely up to you!


Got more questions? We would love to hear from you: 707-278-8252