What We Do

Attract, convert and keep more members than ever before-with minimal effort.

Tennis Club Marketing was created exclusively for facility owners that don’t have the time or experience to manage a complicated marketing strategy. Our three marketing packages are designed to attract members to your tennis club, convert prospects into members, and keep members once they’re a customer. These are the three most important components to your business and each of our packages is centered around those critical growth components.


attract tennis club membersAttract

Attracting targeted prospects to your facility is a strategic process that requires special skill and experience. It’s almost impossible for a busy owner to keep up with the latest strategies and technology. We’re the best in the world at generating the right traffic for your tennis facility.


convert tennis club prospectsConvert

Want to convert more leads into members? We will constantly analyze how well your leads are converting (both online and offline) and execute changes for improvement. More conversions mean more members!


retain tennis club membersDelight

Keeping customers happy once you have them is the easiest way to generate additional revenue, and additional members. We will plan and manage marketing activities that will keep your members happy and engaged. Your customer lifetime value (CLV) and member referrals will be better than ever!